Beautiful Fall (Beautiful Rivers #2)

When Elizabeth Rivers purchases a row of historical beach cottages to renovate for the family’s luxury resort, she’s worried her new project won’t live up to the high standards of the Rivers family name. Little does she know, that’s not the thing she needs to worry about. Not at all.

Because along with the cottages comes a little problem called Brett Carmichael. Brett freaking Carmichael, historical contractor and son of Lizzy’s nemesis, a woman who mere weeks ago brutally smeared her name through the papers over a property dispute. The last thing Lizzy wants is to deal with that woman’s spawn.

But one reckless moment ignites the downright dangerous chemistry between them, and Lizzy soon learns that Brett Carmichael is a force to be reckoned with. She seems helpless to stop him from claiming her, body and heart, but she’s not so sure she’s able to do the same to him. It turns out, there’s plenty more in his family history to worry about. The reality is, his heart may not really be hers for the taking.

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